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Safety Tips for Drivers: How to Avoid Being Injured

Safety Tips for Drivers

Technological improvements over the years have made vehicles safer. However, accidents continue rising in countries such as the US.

In 2018 alone, 12 million+ vehicles in the US were involved in crashes, out of which 12,775 occupants in passenger cars were killed. Passenger cars were responsible for most fatalities followed by light trucks, motorcycles, large trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

Fatalities aside, approximately 2.7 million people suffered accident-related injuries in the US in 2018. Vehicle accident injury and fatality statistics in the US are shocking, considering these incidents can be prevented by observing simple safety tips below:

Observe speed limits

According to NHTSA statistics, speeding was the main contributing factor in 26% of traffic fatalities in America in 2017. This trend has lasted over 20 years despite highways in the US having proper speed limit signage. The obvious conclusion is – many US drivers don’t observe speed limit.

Over speeding is a huge problem in urban cities in the US. There are many reckless drivers in a hurry to reach their destinations yet this kind of behavior increases their chances of crashing. Furthermore, speeding in urban cities won’t get you to your destination quicker. You may also spend more on fuel and get a ticket.

Avoid distractions

Activities that prevent a driver from concentrating 100% on the road are extremely dangerous. These activities range from using technology such as cell phones and GPS to eating while driving and having intense conversations with other passengers. Some drivers even groom themselves (put on makeup and comb their hair) while driving. Such activities pose serious safety risks to the extent of being outlawed.

Some states have banned common distractions today like texting and other cell phone-related activities when driving. In the current increasingly busy world, the importance of avoiding distractions when driving can’t be overemphasized.

Avoid tailgating

Following other drivers too closely increases your chances of getting into an accident. You need enough distance between you and the driver in front of you just in case they brake instantly. Tailgating is a common problem in many cities across the US. Maneuvering through traffic in busy cities may force drivers to be too close to the next driver.

Tailgating is a major contributing factor in many rear-end collisions. Such collisions usually cause personal injuries like back pain and whiplash. To avoid vehicle damage and personal injuries, keep a safe distance between you and the driver in front. You should have time to brake and stop completely without hitting the motorist in front of you in case they brake in an emergency.

Think ahead

To avoid being a statistic, you must think of what you would do in case you find yourself in an emergency. Driving safely is a skill that is developed with time. However, you can anticipate risk by constantly scanning to know what’s happening in front, behind, and on your sides at any given time. Keeping an eye on other motorists in adjacent lanes can also help you anticipate risks.

Most importantly, you must plan to act swiftly in case of anything. You can do this by answering some questions: what should I do if the car or semi-truck in front has a tire burst? What should I do if a deer jumps in front of my car? How should I deal with an aggressive or speeding driver who cuts me off? Thinking of common eventualities on the road can reduce personal injury risks.

Wear your seat belt

This has to be the most important but commonly overlooked safety tip for drivers keen on avoiding injuries in case of an accident. While 90.7% of all drivers in the US wear seat belts when driving, only a 100% use rate is good enough. Seat belts save lives. They prevent drivers and passengers from moving around in the car or being thrown out in case of an accident.

By wearing your seat belt every time while driving or in a car, you avoid being part of the 47% of vehicle passengers in America that are killed for failing to wear seat belts.

While seat belts save the lives of drivers and their passengers. they must be worn properly. There are directions on how every passenger, including children and expectant mothers, should wear seat belts safely. The NHTSA has guidelines for every passenger and unique circumstances surrounding seat belts.

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